Many companies offer the chance of building one’s own website and of self- managing it online to anyone interested. The offer of these companies feature dynamic websites with an inbuilt Content Management System, or CMS. A Content Management System considerably simplifies the handling and presentation of content in a website, both pictures and text.

Many people had requested a software for website updating that would be able to meet their requirements. This product had to be easy to use, editable and most of all, on the server. Web developers invested in this kind of technology time and again, selling and then reselling the program repeatedly. Finally it was possible for them to offer it at a much lower price than the average cost of regular programming. Some features of the RandD Admin would come for free and some others, which were more sophisticated and made it easier to work with one’s own website, would come for a price, but not a high one. The fact that they were able to offer useful features at affordable prices made them a success. The best thing about RandD Admin was the fact that the user got to edit the text and the graphics, all the menu items and add new pages. The dynamic calendar, customer quotes and news are just some of the features that were most appreciated.

This software was provided for emerging companies all over the U.S. Web design companies' effective reuse of code and coding specifications made it possible for them to give considerable discounts for the price of website programming. They invested a lot in technology and worked together as a most reliable and high performance oriented team. They also programmed for mobile systems integration for Sales Force Automation and Inventory Control and Management and for E-Commerce applications.

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