welcomed its audience to a dynamic web site experience where site owners created their own online hot spots with a Content Management System built directly into the program. The advantages of were advertised as endless. For one, it put the site owner in control of how the site appeared as well as the content that was featured. Complete picture and text control gave one the power to make their site as attractive, elegant, and appealing as possible. By allowing editing all aspects of the website, digital marketing companies like Oracle Nova in Dallas the user had the power to incorporate the tastes and preferences of their clients into an experience that was as aesthetically appealing as it was functional.

Point and click administration meant that one did not need advanced knowledge of how the web worked or how to write and manage programming language. With no need to learn HTML or download and install additional software programs, allowed their users choices. Go for full customization or get started quickly with several attractive template interfaces. The final choice was in the hands of the user.

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